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Rosny College Newsletter 2021 - April

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Rosny College Newsletter 2021 - April
Sandy Menadue

These are exciting times at Rosny College as we continually adapt to our changing circumstances in order to review and develop innovative approaches to the provision of industry-endorsed vocational training and university aligned curriculum pathways within a highly supportive and caring learning environment.

During the first term, we are actively engaged in a range of strategies that support a positive transition for our students. Points of transition can sometimes be challenging, particularly for our new cohort of year 11 students. With this in mind, we have placed a renewed focus and schoolwide priority on amplifying our model of Student Engagement and Support Services. I was extremely pleased to acknowledge the tremendous attendance at our “Meet The Support Group Teacher” event that we held earlier this year. The attendance at this event was unprecedented and our Engagement Leaders, Support Group Teachers and Student Service Team were extremely pleased to be able to use this opportunity to establish some all-important connections with our parents and carers. Our overall model of “Student Engagement and Support Services” recognises the essential need to be able to work in partnership with our families and extended community-based support networks.

When we reflect upon the important transition into Years 11 & 12, our ultimate goal is to support all students to develop a meaningful, relevant and engaging two-year program of study that will enrich their lives and provide the skills and qualifications that will enable future opportunity. Last year we developed an innovative Rosny College Course Guide which provided students with some practical examples of how they could use their TASC and VET course selections to align with their prospective future Industry and/or UTAS pathways. We were excited to receive some extremely positive feedback regarding this approach. This year, we will be complementing some innovative curriculum initiatives with a focus on developing our Rosny College Quality Teaching Framework. This exciting work is underway as our teachers are working collaboratively as Professional Learning Teams to identify and affirm the evidence-based teaching strategies that support outstanding student outcomes. I look forward to sharing this work as the year progresses. 

From the start of this year, we have been fully aligning our student transition and retention processes to the requirements of the new Education Act. This has required us to engage with some new educational administrative systems; however, we are pleased with the potential that these changes have facilitated. I will provide some updates on the relevant implications of this significant policy position. Positive Student Transition, Retention and Attainment is always a priority at Rosny College.

It has been wonderful to be able to conclude our first term with a celebration of outstanding student achievement from 2020. Our Achievers Ceremony on Tuesday evening was a great success. On Wednesday morning, we also took the opportunity to conduct our Year 11 Assembly where we celebrated some exceptional academic results that were achieved by our Year 11 students last year. In addition to celebrating outstanding Vocational Training outcomes and meritorious Academic results, we also acknowledged and celebrated a range of attitudes, capabilities and behaviours that underpin these successes and support the wellbeing of our College and the general community.

As we pursue an ongoing college improvement agenda, we are always very keen to seek and receive feedback from our community. Please always be encouraged to contact me at any time with any general questions, concerns and or suggestions.


Sandy Menadue

On Tuesday 30th March, Rosny College held its annual Achiever's Night. The evening was a wonderful way to highlight the various achievements of many students from 2020 across a diverse range of subjects and learning programs. This year’s event featured Alumni guest speaker Tom Waugh who is the co-founder of Ignite Digi, an award-winning Hobart based manufacturer and camera movement team. Rohan Torok received the B.A. Hortle Award for Academic Excellence. Congratulations Rohan!

Details on all award winners and special prizes can be found in full program below.

On Wednesday, March 31, a number of students were acknowledged for receiving an ATAR score of above 40 in their year 11 results at an award ceremony. It was a wonderful way to celebrate their achievements. Congratulations to the following students and we wish them all the best in their studies for 2021.

The year 11 high achievers for 2020 are:

Zoe Baynes

Noah Berechree

Samuel Blake

Luke Brown

Georgia Campbell

Jasmine Cayzer

Charlie Cooper

Ella Curtain

Jorja D’amico

Mara Dalton

Sean Daly

Brodie Donohoe

Ethan Fletcher

Izak Gordon

Rose Goward

Jack Gray

 Ryan Granquist

Luke Hodoniczky

Alex Kershaw

Ashley Kytola

Sebastian Lang

Toby Lawrence

Toby Leeming

Rebecca Le Roy

Kit Leeming

Hailey Marino

Zac Morrisby

Jessie Muldaliar

Georgie Oliver

Charlotte Perrin 

Megan Potter

Sophie Radford

William Robertson

Elizabeth Shoobridge       

Benjamin Southwell

Arjane Villasin

Mia Visser

Wenxin Wang     

Jessica White

Ashtyn Willey

Mackenzie Wilson

Steps and scripts are being learned, harmonies and instruments practiced and costumes, props and sets are designed and being constructed in preparation for our huge 2021 musical Mamma Mia! 

Mamma Mia! is a family-friendly musical filled with laughter romance and the catchy tunes of ABBA that will have you dancing in your seats. 

This year over 70 students will participate both on and off stage in the production that will run from the 20 to the 29 May. Rehearsals are in full swing, with students currently rehearsing 4 times a week to bring the show to life. 

Rosny students are involved in all parts of the production process led by the experienced team of Darren Sangwell, Suze Ellis, Tony Sayer, Nicole Ottrey, Andrew Castles, Clare Latham, Andrew Holmes and alumni Hannah Marmion (Choreographer). 

Tickets will go on sale soon via Follow Rosny College Performing Arts on Facebook or @rosnymusical on Instagram to keep up to date.


During Support Group in week 7, Rosny College celebrated our diversity together under our orange flag on the terrace as part of Harmony Week. Thank you to all students for taking part!

Harmony Day - We Belong
Harmony Day - "We Belong"

Thank you to Matt Gray from ITrain Australia for joining us recently and talking to all our students (in person and via live stream) about how to tackle their mental health and how to support each other. This session shared important information for identifying mental health concerns and finding out how to get support. 
Matt Gray - Holding The Ladder

mapali - Dawn Gathering brought together hundreds of artists, performers and community members on the Burnie foreshore to celebrate the opening of the Ten Days on the Festival for 2021. Rosny mob were invited to participate, and 5 current Rosny mob students, 2 former students, and 2 staff members travelled to Burnie to take part.

The mapali, produced by Aboriginal leader Dave Mangenner Gough, was a moving and beautiful celebration of Aboriginal culture. We are very proud to have been involved and would like to thank Aboriginal Education Services and Rosny College for helping us make the most of this opportunity.

mob at dawn mapali

Welcome to Rosny College’s new coffee van featuring an eye-catching design by student Isabelle Latham which encapsulates the essence of Rosny College.  The purchase of the van is the result of a grant won in 2020 from the Vocational Learning and Career Education (VLCE).

The van is to be utilised as an extra training facility for our VET Hospitality, VET Kitchen Operations, and any student expressing an interest in learning how to make coffee.  The van provides students with the opportunity of gaining real-world skills in areas such as customer service and completing financial transactions.  In the coming months, we hope to move the van out into some community spaces where we will be showcasing our talented barista students and serving snacks. 

We look forward to meeting you and supporting our school and students.

Isabel Lathan with her fantastic coffee van design!
Isabella Latham along-side her fantastic coffee van design!

This year the Art Making Level 1 class are improving the appearance of the Rosny College Annexe on Clarence Street with a largescale mural. Students designed a scale drawing in class and gathered all their ideas together to come up with a final design. The theme is heavily based on colour, stars, rainbows, flora and ocean life. Students have commenced blocking background colours on the frontispiece of the Annexe with both rollers and brush. Outdoor painting has been a rewarding and new experience for all students. Students should be proud of their participation and commitment to such a big task. Well done Art Making Level 1 students. A big thank you to Kim White, Suzie Ransom, Stu, Ray, Andrew and all the amazing Teacher Assistants in their support of this project.

Thank you from David Hearne

Springboard Art Project

Rosny Dance students worked collectively throughout term 1 to choreograph group pieces and solos. These works were performed recently in front of an audience, in our auditorium. Three themes have been explored this term: machine/human hybrids, scars (physical and emotional) and Leviathan. Leviathan was a workshop Rosny dance students undertook with Drill Performance Company, and students followed up the workshop with a choreographic response, focusing on the struggles of the subconscious and dreams! Well done to our students. The results were amazing.

The focus for week 4 in Support Group was ‘Building Connections to our Engagement Group and the Wider College Community’.

In Support Group students produced a Tree of Hands that symbolised how we are connected to each other.  It was wonderful to then invite our parents to the College for Meet the Support Teacher Evening, where viewing of the Tree of Hands in all areas of the College was evident and became a point of conversation.

Tree of Hands - Support Group Activity

In Support Group today we explored the connections we have with each other and how we all belong to the wider Rosny College community.

Earlier this term students from our rural schools were invited to attend a Connections lunch.  This was an opportunity for our students to connect and make new friends.  Clarence City Council representatives also attended to ensure that students new to the college and new to the area knew the supports that not only we offer at Rosny College but also the youth services available through the Clarence City Council.

Gavin Joyce from Student Services talking with Rural Students
Gavin Joyce from Student Services talking with Rural Students

Coming up in May, Rosny College art students are taking part in the Youth Arts and Recreation Centre's Light Up The Lane arts event! Stay tuned to see photos from the event. 

Light up the Lane

If you are a Rosny College art student, and you want to include your work, please submit it here by: