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Rosny College Final Newsletter 2020

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Rosny College Final Newsletter 2020

It has been a dynamic and innovative year at Rosny College as we have continuously adapted our processes to the changed circumstances that we have all experienced. There has been much to celebrate throughout the year and upon reflection, many of our necessary adjustments have demonstrated the potential for sustained improvement. As a college community we have innovated our way through the Covid-19 experience.

Our students have proven to be extremely resilient and supportive of each other throughout 2020. I have been inspired by the new learning technologies that we have collectively engaged with and I am now certain that many of these innovative practices will be sustained well into the future. Our students’ efforts over the past year have informed a significant shift in education provision and I am extremely grateful for their contribution to this.

As we reflect upon the year that it has been at Rosny College, we can celebrate an “inspiring and empowering learning community’ that has professionally evolved throughout a significant global phenomenon. This year’s cohort of students are to be congratulated on their outstanding achievements, collective resilience, personal achievements and their contributions to the ongoing development of our College.

From this point, our Year 12 students will pursue many varied pathways, whether they be transitioning to further study, employment and or training.  Their efforts this year have placed them in a strong position to be able to make the most of the opportunities that they choose to pursue and we wish them all the best with their respective endeavours. We would also like to encourage all students to reach out for support if there is anything that we may be able to assist them with in the future.

We are looking forward to next year as build upon the momentum that has been initiated throughout 2020.


Sandy Menadue

We had a fantastic final week of classes recently with some big highlights throughout.

Thursday saw our annual Farewell Assembly for this year’s grade 12s and 13s and it was an amazing celebration of the past two years at Rosny.  “The Method” rocked the stage and Zali and Tom had everyone lighting up the auditorium with their phones, swaying in time to the music.  With a final Kahoot, plenty of memories on the big screen, lots of laughs and a fantastic send off from Principal Sandy, it was the perfect way to celebrate an amazing group and their time at college.

The Final Day Festival on Friday was a great way for everyone to finish up a rollercoaster of a year.  With more fantastic live music, a free BBQ, fairy floss and snow cones everyone finished up the year with a smile on their face and skip in their step.

The Rosny College final art exhibition for 2020 was opened by Jane Polley the Department of Education Principal Curriculum Leader for the Arts years 9 – 12.

This year’s exhibition represented a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the artistic achievements of our students and a positive bookend to what has been an extremely challenging and disruptive year for both students and their teachers.

Due to COVID public health regulations this year’s exhibition was a ticketed event and due to popular demand required three separate viewing sessions which attracted a huge crowd of family and friends. There was a buzz of anticipation and excitement as the audience was guided through the exhibition space at timely intervals with people expressing delight and surprise at the diversity of work on show. The exhibition showcased the work of Art Production and Art Studio Practice students and their final submissions for TASC external assessment.

Congratulations to all the students who exhibited their work in the show.

Our level 3 Computer Graphics and Design class responded in an awesome way to the challenges of 2020 to produce a diverse range of design projects for their externally assessed project folio. The class have all learned to create 3D graphic based design content to a high standard along with digital image editing and video compositing skills to boot.

Check out the link to the 2020 show reel of their work.

On Thursday 5th November, Rosny College celebrated the 30th Annual ROSCO Awards at the Wrest Point Showroom.  The annual event showcased the work of students from the Media Production Foundation 2C, Media Production 3C, Certificate III in Screen and Media and Certificate IV in Screen and Media.  Hosted by Nina D and Paul D, the event was a highlight of the year with an oustanding number of films, commercials and documentaries nominated in various categories. 

The judging panel consisting of Pete Curtis (Australian Cinematography Society Tasmanian Branch President and ABC Cameraman), Andrew Walton (Channel 7Tasmania Camera Op), Matt Boden (Composer/UTAS Conservatorium of Music Composition Lecturer), Sara Cooper (Tasmanian Actor/Managing Director of Cooper Screen Academy) and Graham Gates (Rosny Media teacher 1990 - 2012/producer and director) spent 5 hours selecting the winners across a range of caterogories.  A testament to the quality of the work students produced. 

Congratulations to all students who were nominated and to the winners listed below.

Best Commercial

HONORABLE MENTION – Harry H for Twinings Infused Tea

WINNER - Dairy Milk Bubbly by Morgan L 

Best Supporting Actor 

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Erica K (Umbra) and Alyssa C (Sabotage) 

WINNER: Felipe S – The Colour of Blood 

Best Male Actor 

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Jacob F (Conformity) and Jake T (9 Years Later) 

WINNER: Bryce T-W - If Only I 

WINNER: Sam T - Umbra 

Best Female Actor 

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Ami M (Sabotage) and Logan L (The Colour of Blood) 

WINNER: Laska D – Magnus Ludo 

Best Original Score 


WINNER: Conformity – Callum H 

Best Sound Design 

WINNER: Emma N for Umbra 

Emerging Documentary Maker 

WINNER: Hamish W for Ryakyn” A story of modern karate 

Emerging Talent 

WINNERS: Morgan L and Tobias H

Best Editor 


WINNER: Ellis S for If Only I 

Best Original Screenplay 

WINNER: Magnus Ludo – Nina D-K 

WINNER: 9 Years Later – Oscar R

Best Art Direction 

HONORABLE MENTION: Oliver C/Tom R (The Colour of Blood) 

WINNER: Patrick N - Conformity 

Best Production Manager 

WINNER: Tom R – for the management of his own and a large number of other student films 

Best Cinematography 

HONORABLE MENTION: Paul D (The Colour of Blood/Umbra) 

WINNER: Tom R – Conformity/If Only I 

WINNER: Cameron S – Erratum 

Best Director 

WINNER: Nina D-K  for Magnus Ludo 

Best Drama Production 

WINNER: If Only I – Ellis S

WINNER: Conformity – Patrick N


WINNER: 9 Years Later – Oscar R

Some of the films mentioned above have been entered into the MyState Film Festival.  You can access them here: 

On the 21st October, the VET Tourism class hosted the Rosny Travel Expo where students were required to prepare and present a "stay at home" holiday in Tasmania package to staff who role played a variety of "customers". The expo gave studnts an opportunity to provide travel advice to a diverse range of customers with some staff so taken by the suggestions that they went on to book the actual suggested holiday itinerary.  A great experience for all!

Charlotte P participated in the Rostrum Voice of Youth public speaking competition in October and was a Regional Finalist. She delivered a prepared speech titled ‘The danger of hiding who you are’. She was also required to deliver an impromptu speech. Congratulations Charlotte!


Even though it’s been a very ‘different’ year for Performing Arts and especially our Drama and performance area at Rosny College, we couldn’t let it end without celebrating the wonderful contributions and achievements of our students in this field.

The 2020 Drama Awards and end of year celebration took place on Friday the 6th November where we celebrated many fantastic productions this year. Including the Drama 3C devised production Times like These, The Musical Theatre Project (Wicked), Embers performed by our Theatre Performance class, the Drama 3C Exam Programs and of course the countless hours our Technical Production, VET Live Production and Costume classes have put into College events.  

It was a fun and positive way to finish 2020 for all involved.

Congratulations to the following students who took out the major awards:

Greatest Contribution to the Drama Department: Morgan L and Madi E

Encouragement Award: Matt N

Recognition of Development in Performance Award: Madi H and Alex T

Subject Awards

Theatre Performance: Will L

Drama 3C: Alyssa C

Drama Foundations: Angus H

Technical Theatre Production: Amy D

VET Live Production Cert II and III: Dylan L and Ethan R

Musical Theatre: Tom H

Costume: All members of the Costume Class

The annual Volleyball competition was held over the last few weeks of the College year. The VET Certificate II Sport and Recreation class organise, run and officiate the competition, putting into practice skills they have developed over the year.  This occurrence is always a strongly contested event with students challenging the staff team.  This year the student team was victorious.

Congratulations to all involved.

To say that 2020 has been an extraordinary year is becoming somewhat overused, but it has in so many ways!

We have had to examine and re-examine what and how we do things and look closely at how to best meet the learning needs of our diverse students, be they in Springboard, mainstream TASC Level 2 or 3, LEAP, Boost, VET, or University Connections. 

It has often been the case that Object Design attracts students that may work better independently or thrive in a maker environment in preference to a more academic classroom and this has certainly been the case for Gus Duffy. Gus has always had a passion for Art and skateboarding and more recently for Textiles and fashion but not so much for school. So Gus came to Object Design a little hesitantly as he knew he had not learned as much about making as he could have the year before in the Design in Textiles class he had taken. Then COVID came along and mixed things up even more. But from the beginning Gus knew he wanted to use his skateboard that had ended up under a bus and broken last year. 

Gus's reflection can be accessed below and will also be published on the university website because in the words of Sara Lindsay, the course coordinator “Congratulations, it's students like you that we do this for.”

Gus and others students in this class have all done a fabulous job with outstanding work produced and much personal learning along the way. We look forward to seeing their grades soon but they have all already had major success to complete their work in the year that has been described by the meme “it is what it is”.

The Engineering and Design class was excited to have TasNetwork’s set up their new F1 track in the gym to test the F1 cars created this year. The design of the cars was tested on an automated time run and then students had a chance to test their reaction speeds. The race times showed Golden Magnum to be the superior design with a time of 1.469 seconds.

(If you’re interested in being a part of a F1 in Schools Team in 2021 please see Ashleigh Snigg at the start of Term 1).

The Rosny College music department would like to celebrate all the hard work our musicians have put into this year in the face of diminished performance opportunities.

Vocal Ensemble continued throughout the online delivery period and performed a virtual choir streamed on YouTube. The Vocal Ensemble will go on to perform at the Kmart Giving Tree launch this December.

The Wind Ensemble and teganna band also able to develop and showcase their music through live streamed concerts.

The development of the Rosny College live streaming YouTube channel was an innovation that was born out of necessity and thrived. A massive congratulations to the Live Production VET team for developing this program.

Several of our students from Music, Music Theatre and Music Technology will be continuing to tertiary studies next year both through University of Tasmania and interstate universities. We wish them all the best and thank them for their time here at Rosny College.

With the help of VET Certificate III Live Production and VET Media students we were able to put on our own RosnyStock and Acoustic Challenge band competitions from which four acts (Mojo Boy, The Method, Tom and Zali, Act Naturally) competed in the State Rock Challenge Southern Heat at Altar.

Tom and Zali won best College Acoustic act and went on to win in the same category in the State Final at the Launceston Conference Centre. 

Photo Credit: Aiesha Hanson Photography

Wow - what a year!

Despite the challenges we faced doing dance online (in our bedrooms and lounges) students adapted beautifully, and last week this culminated in our lunchtime performance and dance exam.

Well done to everyone involved.

From 21-23 October, the Theatre Performance class presented their End Of Year Exam piece “Embers” by Campion Decent, a verbatim play about the 2003 Victorian Alpine bushfires. “Embers” is a play about community, resilience and helping each other through life-changing events, and the class could not think of a more appropriate thematic message to spread to end the year 2020.

This year was an unprecedented one for these wonderful Year 12 students. They persevered and countered the challenges and the College could not be prouder of what they have been able to achieve in throughout this year.

Having not been able to perform to any kind of public audience all year, the students were thrilled to be able to share with their families the result of the hard work and dedication of the ensemble.

Andrew Holmes

Theatre Performance Teacher

From September 15 2020, there is a new eligibility criteria for the Student Assistance Scheme for the 2021 year.  

Please access the following links for further information.