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Rosny College September Newsletter

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Rosny College September Newsletter

It has been another dynamic and innovative term at Rosny College as we adapt our processes to the changed circumstances that we are all experiencing. There has been much to celebrate throughout third term and upon reflection, many of our necessary adjustments have demonstrated the potential for sustained improvement.
From a teaching and learning perspective, it has been wonderful to be able to re-establish and consolidate a vibrant physical learning environment for our students. Whilst we worked hard to sustain continuity of learning within the online learning environment during second term, we have seen a welcome return to face to face teaching and learning and a range of college based student enrichment and community building activities. Our collective learning community has been invigorated by the energy that our student cohort share on a daily basis.

As a College, we are on a continuous cycle of school improvement. As such, we place a high value on encouraging and receiving objective and constructive feedback. This term we took the opportunity to conduct an “External School Review” of our professional practices and associated processes. The Department of Education’s External School Review process is underpinned by the National School Improvement Tool (NSIT) which was developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). Having received the recommendations from this comprehensive process, we are now strategically well informed to start developing our next phase of School improvement planning. I would like to thank all students, staff, parents, and community stakeholders for their contributions to this process. Throughout fourth term, I will share how we will be responding to the affirmations and recommendations that we have received from the review panel.

Third term saw us increase our capacity to facilitate transition processes through the use of diverse technologies and adjusted onsite administration. Through the use of “Microsoft Teams” we facilitated an extensive online “Course Information Conference” which demonstrated the huge potential of sharing information to our parent community in this way. There will be diverse applications for this communications facility moving forward. Our new course guide has attracted a great deal of positive attention from our colleagues and the system more generally. Student feedback suggests that the University Study Themes and Industry Packages have brought great relevance to the course selection process. Last Thursday’s Preliminary Enrolment Evening for Non-Government schools gave us the opportunity to conduct a significant onsite event while applying current CoVID-19 guidelines. The evening was a tremendous success, and it has provided us with some insights as to how we may be able conduct a range of exhibitions and celebrations during fourth term. I am extremely appreciative of your overall support and participation with these adjusted processes.

Please always be encouraged to contact me with any thoughts, ideas and/or concerns. As an extended learning community we can consolidate the best opportunities for our students. I hope that all students enjoy the upcoming break and we look forward to their return in fourth term.


Sandy Menadue

Congratulations to Jasmin who has been awarded 1st prize and overall winner of the year 11 and 12 category in the Young Archies portrait prize. Jasmin was also awarded the overall winner in the secondary school category. The Young Archies Award is a state wide K- 12 portrait competition organised by the Department of Education.

Due to covid restrictions all entries will be displayed in a virtual exhibition starting Tuesday 08 September. In addition to this a touring exhibition of the 2020 Young Archies Award recipients will be displayed around the state.

The Rosny College Musical is a highly regarded and anticipated event each year. As Covid-19 hit Tasmania just over half way through our rehearsal process our staff and students were devastated to be forced to halt production.

Thankfully with the return to school late Term 2 we were able to regroup our cast, crew and costume team and with close work with the UTAS Conservatorium of Music “The Rosny Musical Project” was born to fill the gap and ensure our students could still gain experience and assessment in their chosen field.

Last month students worked on stage and behind the scenes to present polished musical theatre songs and scenes from the popular, Broadway show Wicked. This was successfully presented in our school theatre to a small audience for assessment purposes only due to covid restrictions.

Thank you to everyone for pulling together to make this learning opportunity possible. Due to the combined staff and student effort over 70 students were able to gain assessments and TCE points (that were through lost due to the covid break) across a range courses including - UTAS Music Project 1 and 2, Musical Theatre 2C, VET Screen and Media, Technical Production 2C and VET Live Production.

It was also wonderful to see the students performing in our theatre again after what has been a tough year for them all as well as the Arts industry worldwide.

Follow us on Instagram @rosnymusical and on Facebook @rosnycollegeperformingarts for the 2021 musical announcement coming soon.

On Wednesday 16 September the Business Studies 2 class and Work Readiness classes put their entrepreneur hats on and with a $20 start up capital created their own small businesses.  There was a large variety of products on offer including, soap, candles, cake, plants, t-shirts and churro’s to name a few.  Participating in the $20 boss program students gained a variety of employability skills such as communication, team work, organising and planning along with budgeting and for some making a profit and for others making a  loss.  Well done to all those students who participated and for all staff and students that help support our budding entrepreneurs.

The Certifiate III and IV Screen and Media students were tasked with creating a live interview-style studio product as a part of their studies this term.  This involved developing the concept from scratch based on research of other shows within the variety-show genre.  The "Rosny Redux" was born from the idea of reviving the "Rosny Rewind", a show from the 2018 Screen and Media class.  . Following the true conventions of a live studio shoot, the production team consited of 14 crew members working together in a range of roles including, director, vision mixer, technical director, pre-record operator, floor manager, camera op, telepromt op, makeup, artistic direction and sound.  The class also had to produce the pre-recorded "segments" presented in the show. Rosny Redux is shot live in the college TV studio with no room for mistakes from any member of the production team. 

Featured episode below is hosted by Fay and Bryce:

Congratulations to Year 12 Students William and Liam who competed in an invitational Rugby match at War Memorial Oval on the 25th of September. Despite some strong individual performances from the experienced pair, Hutchins came out on top 33-5.


Students in our Computer Graphics and Design 3 class recently completed a 3D animation based design project to design a short 10 second sequence. The sequence had to showcase the brand “RON Creative” and incorporate visual effects based (VFX) tools such as physics engines, particle systems, fluid systems and lighting systems.


A showcase of animations can be viewed here:

On the 27th of August, the Mixed Media class was joined by local artist Mostafa Faraji for a guided art lesson. Mostafa was a refugee detained on Manus Island for two years, and while there he became a self-taught oil painter. As a part of the lesson we watched a time-lapse of him painting a landscape and he told us stories of his experiences. Then the class engaged in a drawing activity using charcoal and our own imaginary landscapes as inspiration. It was a very enjoyable experience, and the class wishes to thank Mostafa, Julia Drouhin and the Artelier group for their time and effort.


The annual Acoustic Challenge and Rosny Stock took place during the last few weeks of term 3. The events features soloists, duos and bands performing their original songs with all aiming to be selected to represent Rosny College at the upcoming state Rock Challenge on October 20th at Altar.  Both events were judged by local musicans and were supported by the VET Live Production class who put on an awesome light and visual show to compliment the performances.

Acoustic Challenge: 17th September 2020

7 acts performed:

  • Esther and Lonnie
  • Jonah and Isaac
  • Ratu 
  • Tom
  • Zali and Fletcher
  • Zali and Tom 

Congratulations to the winners were Zali and Tom Duo and runner up Jonah and Isaac who will now represent Rosny College at the Rock Challenge as acoustic acts.

Thank you to judges Thomas McKay (education relationship manager at Modern Musician), Andrew Holmes(Head of Performing Arts), Cody Webberly (ex-Rosny Student, Record Producer, electronic musician “Koh Dee” and co-founder of music production company

You can check out the live recording here: Acoustic Challenge Live Stream

RosnyStock - 24th September 2020

4 acts performed:

  • Mojo Boy
  • Afterglow
  • Diffraction
  • The Method

Congratulations to the winning band "The Method" and runner up "Mojo Boy" who will now represent Rosny College at the Rock Challenge.  Thank you to our judges Thomas McKay (education relationship manager at Modern Musician), Alex Cole from student services, Cody Webberly (ex-Rosny Student, Record Producer, electronic musician “Koh Dee” and co-founder of music production company and Joe Stone (ex-Rosny Student and past Rock Challenge winner and from band "Baby Dave").

Check out the live recording here: RosnyStock Live Stream

The Statewide Rock challenge will be held at Alter in Hobart on the 20th October and is open to the public.


There has been a flurry of activity in the last weeks of Term 3 in order to get Objects, Artist’s Statements and Journals completed to submit to The School of Creative Arts at the Hunter Street Campus of Utas for Object Design.

Students have been extremely dedicated in their efforts to complete their works, some even coming in at the weekend!

Take a look at some of the final stages towards completion of their work around the theme of Transmogrification.

Nahhar’s Project-  The Coat

Nahhar has taken used and discarded denim cut it into squares, individually bleached these and restitched them to create her own fabric for a hybrid coat of 50’s swing styling meets 80’s lumber jacket

Emma’s Project -The Emma Brick.

Emma has3D printed moulds to create her own Duplo Style bricks from recycled paper including exams and childhood school work

Gus’s Project - The Skate Jacket

Gus has explored belonging to the skateboard tribe using a range of elements including RYO tobacco wrappers to work as a backdrop for painted and embroidered hands holding cigarettes. He has used a damaged skate board to cut his own buttons and badges. He has developed his sew skills along the way.

The Exhibition

Now finally the culmination of all our efforts. We took the work to the university this morning and installed it for what would normally be assessment and exhibition time, only with COVID it won’t really be an exhibition. There won’t be an opening and only limited opportunity for students to come back and show someone their work. So that is a bit sad as the exhibition is always so much fun. When we return the work to school we will set up a display in our library so we can share our work with everyone.

Over the course of term 3, Rosny Dance students having been working hard to choreograph, rehearse and present their own dance works for assessment. With groups and solos choreographed in a range of styles, students used this week’s opportunity to perform and get feedback before their end of year exam in November. A big thank you to our guest examiner Sally Brown, and also to our wonderful tech students for great lighting, sound and staging, and to the awesome media students who filmed the performance for us.


On Thursday 24th September, Rosny College held it's annual International Food Fair as a part of it's Big Thursday program.  The food fair saw foods from over 16 countries all prepared by students from the International Student Program and VET Kitchen Ops/Hospitality.  With many students and staff feasting through the lunch break, it was a highlight of the year for many.